Fundraising Reading Round-Up
How to make things happen (or what to do when you've a million and one things to do!)

The right offer, at the right time: the importance of relevance

I've spotted these posters up in a number of pubs around London in the last few weeks and thought it was a beautifully simple and very clever fundraising campaign.  Run by the British Forces Foundation it asks people to buy returning soldiers a drink by texting to donate £3.00.

Buy our heroes a drink poster

Here are five reasons why I think it will do really well.

  1. It is a simple, but strong offer that many people will relate to.  Few of us would begrudge buying a returning soldier a drink.
  2. It is made in the pub when you are buying a pint. So the offer is being made at a relevant time.
  3. It is very simple and easy to give, so people can act immediately.
  4. People are usually more generous when they've had a few pints, so you will get a few drunken texts!
  5. The costs of the campaign will be minimal, so ROI will be great.  Looking at the press release, posters have been distributed by breweries.  Pubs have also been encouraged to do other fundraising as well.

Relevance is so important in fundraising and you might have the best offer in the world, but if you are asking the wrong people at the wrong time then it will utterly fail.

This campaign is bang on target and I'm sure will have done spectacularly well (imagine the follow up calls and conversion rates for DD!) and for me the campaign is a future SOFII exhibit in the making.