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Nonprofit Blog Carnival: 'Swifter, higher, stronger' - what's your Olympic gold medal moment?

I am delighted to be hosting the nonprofit blog carnival in July.  And living in London, and with the opening ceremony only a few weeks away, what better theme could there be than the Olympic Games?

The Olympic motto of 'Swifter, Higher, Stronger' could easily apply to many nonprofits and over the years the Olympics and Paralympics have provided many memorable moments to draw inspiration from.

Moments of triumph, despair, courage, heartache and teamwork are just a few of the emotions that the Olympics provide.

So I'd love to hear your memories of the Olympics and how it has made you a better leader/fundraiser/marketer etc.

Alternatively, what moment in your professional life was your 'gold medal' moment or caused you the most despair?

Or how about picking your favourite Olympian and writing about the characteristics that made them great. What do you draw from them?

To enter your submission simply write a blog post or choose a recent post that fits the theme.  Email your post to - please include the permalink of your post, your name and blog name.

Submissions are due by the end of the day on Tuesday July 24 and I’ll publish the post on Thursday July 26 - the day before the Olympic opening ceremony. Check back then to see if your post is featured.

I look forward to receiving your gold medal submissions in due course!

You can read June's carnival, which has been assembled by Britt Bravo and is all about how you can use Pinterest. Check it out for some great inspiration!

P.S. What is a Nonprofit Blog Carnival?

It is a monthly round-up of blog posts on topics relevant to the nonprofit community. The host for each month develops a theme then rallies for posts on that topic. Then the host compiles a selection of what’s submitted and publishes them in a round-up post towards the end of that month.