Fundraising Reading Round-Up
Fundraising Reading Round Up

Could you run a big appeal?

I was delighted to speak at the 'Good Bites' session on big appeals last week, which was hosted by the Good Agency*.

I was speaking about the Little Heroes appeal to raise £100,000 in 100 days that I'm in the middle of running and shared some of the good (and bad) things that I have learnt so far.

The slides from the talk are below and I'm going to blog some tips about running special, one off appeals, as I believe they are a great way of boosting fundraising and engaging new and old support.

I believe every charity has the ability to run these appeals on a regular basis and reap the benefits of running tangible, time specific appeals.

I completely agree with what Matthew from the Good Agency said on the subject:

'What supporters get through most general appeal programmes is a series of routine appeals whose urgency is determined by the mailing schedule, on topics determined by what hasn’t been covered previously, what the organisation thinks it needs to talk about, and by whatever half-decent case-study content is on the shelf (but with no chance of follow-up feedback).

'Further watered down by what can’t be said, emotion beaten out by internal jargon, and sufficient mealy-mouthed conditional tense to satisfy the need to keep the money unrestricted.

'That said, there are some stunning fundraising appeals that are breaking the mould. They go above and beyond business as usual and that is why we call them Big Appeals. They apply the key principle of capital appeals, exceptional-ism. 

'An exceptional need, needing exceptional funding, exceptional fundraising effort and exceptional gifts from exceptional supporters. Yes, they’ve had to be clever about restriction, but it’s possible if you ring-fence planned work. And they’ve had to invest a bit in gathering exceptional content to provide on-going feedback.'

Craig Linton, Head of Fundraising at RLSM: Good Bites Big Appeals from The Good Agency

*To be transparent, I'm not a client (past or present) of the Good Agency and they weren't involved in the Little Heroes appeal. They are very nice people though.