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Friday Fundraising Reading Round-Up

It's time for the first reading round-up of the month. I hope you find some of the below articles of interest. Thanks.

Katya with seven ways to improve your storytelling.

Sean looks at Christian language for non-Christians.

Amanda with a story about an alternative elevator pitch.

Margaux with some thoughts on donor experience.

Open Fundraising share an impossible to read fundraising ad. I've seen this in London and have got to agree it is almost illegible.

Advice for Good on what big data means for charities.

Aline with an Elizabethan view of branding.

Penelope Burk with some thoughts on the perils of fundraising events.

Howard Lake shares a great idea for 404 pages on websites.

The value of random acts of stewardship.

Nancy recommends you use specifics to strengthen the your message.

The Fundraising Collective on being stiff, lying spellcheckers and dullness.

The Agitator on acquisition (with input from Tom Ahern).

The latest Passionate Giving series is on building a culture of philanthropy.

Tom Peters with some thought blocks.

Scott Berkun on self awareness.