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Fundraising Reading Round Up

It's been over a month since my last round up, so I've decided to only include articles from 2013 and even then it's a bumper list! Unsurprisingly there's a number on New Year's resolutions and aspirations for the coming year, as well as an eclectic mix of other articles.

Thanks for reading.

Ken Burnett on making rice and revisiting fundraising fundamentals at the start of the year.

The Agitator on why fundraising is in desperation and chaos in 2013.

Passionate Giving share five resolutions to make 2013 a great fundraising year.

Pamela Grow gets the opinion of various experts on their 2013 resolutions.

Andy shares the best word of mouth campaigns from 2012.

Kent Philanthropy on the secrets of fundraising success.

Wild Woman Fundraisinsg wants to know if you want to master fundraising?

Kivi on donor retention versus acquisition in 2013.

5 ways to validate giving decisions and drive retention.

5 inexpensive (and better) ways to thank you donors.

Turning lame letters into donor delight.

Agents of Good share the spirit of philanthropy.

Using gaming to promote charitable causes.

Donor Dreams blog on woman and philanthropy.

Katya on being a salesmen.

Lucy asks how do you get ideas?

The Fundraising Collective on making the ask.

Some really interesting articles on Africa and giving:

Could giving direct alleviate poverty?

Bluefrog Creative on rebranding Africa.