Fundraising mistakes and promoting giving: lessons from City Philanthropy
Donor retention: a tale of two cold mailings

Fundraising Weekly Round-Up

The obvious place to start this week is the furore surrounding comments made by Giles Pegram (a man I have huge respect and admiration for) around the Summit - an event organised to talk about some of the problems facing fundraising.

You can read the full story here, plus follow up pieces by Charity Chicks and the Agitator.

Perhaps the definitive piece, and hopefully the line in the sand, comes from Ken Burnett. Right, now get back to the serious matter of fundraising!

Katya on thanking donors.

Frogloop consider strategies to increase nonprofit retention rates.

More insight on retention from the Agitator.

Agents of Good ask where is the vision?

Start talking to donors about the why and the where says the Donor Dreams blog.

John Baguley on fundraising and zombies.

What works should trump what looks nice.

Amanda gives a quick lesson on how to get someone's attention in the right way.

Advice for Good: Donor loyalty - crucial but neglected.

Building donor relationships one step at a time.

Three from 101 Fundraising:

The Far Edge of Promise: Why our definition of "donor research" must change.

Queer Ideas look at mobile giving.

Bright+3 asks you to pretend to be your donor (HT Jeff Brooks at Future Fundraising Now).

Clarification with some thoughts on Dan Pink's new book on selling. I'm currently reading this and finding it has lots of ideas/implementation for fundraising.