Fundraising Reading Round Up
Fundraising Reading Round-Up

10 things to include in a good fundraising induction

I've just recruited some new fundraisers and I am in the process of planning their induction. In my own career I've had some poor inductions at the start of a new job. When it's badly planned it can result in a slow start, low initial confidence and poor productivity as you struggle to get up to speed.

That's why I'm spending a fair amount of time in planning the first month of activity. By doing this I hope to give the team the best possible start and give them the tools and information to be a success.

Here's what I've got in mind. Do let me know if I'm missing anything or if you have any good or bad examples of organisational inductions.

  1. Meetings with key people in the organisation, such as the Chief Executive.
  2. Introductions to colleagues - both formal and informal. A colleague recommended 'buddying' new team members with existing ones to help them feel welcome and part of the team.
  3. Overview of services, including personal tours and hands on experience.
  4. HR issues - expenses, policies etc.
  5. Budgets, operational plans and strategy.
  6. Database training.
  7. One to one planning to cover short term targets and objectives.
  8. Team planning for the short and medium term.
  9. Job specific training and background information on the role.
  10. Feedback and review to check everything is ok.

I think it's important to spread the induction out over a reasonable period of time otherwise it can result in information overload and be quite daunting!

The other important thing is keep it relaxed and fun. Being stuck in a room as a succession of people come and do their ten minute presentation (that they don't really want to do) can be fairly disheartening!