10 things to include in a good fundraising induction
Fundraising Reading Round-Up

Fundraising Reading Round-Up

 Thank you to everyone who sent me tips for the fundraising induction process. It's helped with my planning and will hopefully make for a great experience for my new team. Here is this week's fundraising reading round-up.

 Mark Astarita from the British Red Cross talks to SOFII about working with suppliers and building partnerships based on value for money.

How to set up a donor centred ask

The Good Agency look at some new charity ads and look at the power of differentiating your brand.

The new Money for Good UK report by NPC is worth a look at.

It is interesting to compare the views of philanthropist Gina Miller's on administration costs for charities and Dan Pallotta's recent TED talk. There are lots of interesting comments on the story at Third Sector and Cause 4 Opinion share their view.

Fundraising Success magazine share 15 mistakes that have already been made for you.

Advice for Good ask if it is right for charities to use neuromarketing?

And the Guardian examine the science of behavioural change and how it can help with sustainability.

Jeff starts a series on fundraising hell. Level 1 is virtuous unbelievers.

Good Works on writing at the appropriate grade level for your donors and a finding your hidden heros infograph.

Be relevant by ifundraiser.

Happy Donors with a neglected "thank you" opportunity.

"Donor fatigue" an excuse for poor fundraising practices.

In pursuit of happiness.

Through my letterbox say if it isn't broke, fix it anyway.

Fundraising...From fig leaf to friendship

Bluefrog Creative on delivering delight.

Avoid lapsed donors from Karen Zapp.

Alliance give an update on the giving pledge.

The Data Monkey asks "what's in a face?"