Donor retention: a tale of two cold mailings
10 things to include in a good fundraising induction

Fundraising Reading Round Up

The focus on donor retention that has dominated fundraising blogging since the start of 2013 continues with a number of interesting articles on the subject.

I've put those articles towards the bottom and begin some of the other posts that have caught my eye recently.

Kevin looks at three alternative fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Nancy on changing the people that matter.

Usha with a fundraising analogy from the Sanskrit scriptures and other storytelling tips.

The Good Agency share some of their Christmas fundraising results and tips for this year.

What, exactly, is your "product"?

Rosie takes a look at what has come through her letterbox this month.

Donor Dreams on using SWOT for more than just strategic planning.

Kivi with 12 things you are not taught about creative thinking.

Lessons on loyalty from Tesco via Bluefrog Creative.

Cause 4 Opinion ask about the small givers.

101 Fundraising share a great fundraising case study for a community zoo.

Are you listening? ifundraiser wants to know.

Marc Pitman hosts this month's nonprofit blog carnival on how to keep your donors wanting to come back.

Clarification consider where you're going wrong with donor retention.

The Agitator on why donors drop out.