Fundraising Reading Round-Up
Weekend Reading Round-Up

Fundraising Reading Round-Up

I hope you had a good Easter. I've been away on my hols, but had time to put together some fundraising reading for you to enjoy.

The Agitator present the 10 dumbest words used by fundraising consultants.

Good Works asks if you're still acquiring new donors?

Bacon & chocolate & nonprofit storytelling by Pamela Grow.

101 Fundraising on community fundraising.

Branding + direct response fundraising = Love, actually (HT Jeff Brooks)

The Fundraising Collective give reasons not to ask Elton John for a fiver.

Ken Burnett on the 'less cost is best' fallacy.

Queer Ideas: Give donors what they want and they will reward you.

Agents of Good with a case study with 50 things (at least) not to do in your direct mail appeal.

Karen Zapp looks at how you can improve your online thank you page.

A two parter on the power of video from Jonathon Grapsas at 101 Fundraising. Part one here.

The Donor Dreams blog discuss multi-channel fundraising approaches.

Cause 4 Opinion ask if it is time to turn CSR on it's head?

The winner's daily dozen from Tom Peters.