Fundraising Reading Round-Up
Fundraising Reading Round

July's Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Regular Giving

I'm delighted to be hosting the Nonprofit Blog Carnival again this year. The carnival is a great way to share tips, advice and case studies on a specific topic and I hope people will take the opportunity to blog and share their stories. I'll do a full round up at the end of July.

July's theme is: Regular (AKA sustainer & monthly) giving

I've chosen this topic as it is the bedrock of many fundraising programmes - especially outside North America. I'm looking for people to share their insight and tips on:

  • Acquiring regular donors
  • Converting your current givers (and is it always wise and worthwhile?)
  • Welcoming and thanking regular donors
  • Retaining and upgrading donors

It's a huge topic and I look forward to gathering the best posts and collating them in my final round-up at the end of July.

How to participate in the July Nonprofit Blog Carnival

If you’d like to share your thoughts on Regular Giving, submit your post (or send along one you’ve published recently) – by emailing the URL to – no later than  July 27, 2013.

Then check back on this blog on  July 30 to see the full Regular Giving carnival round-up.

In the meantime, check out the June Nonprofit Blog Carnival over at Wild Apricot. The topic is one close to my heart: Data for Good.

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