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Fundraising Reading Round-Up

Fundraising Reading Round

Today is the start of the annual Institute of Fundraising Convention. If you are going along, then do come and say hello - it would be lovely to meet you.

As I've been working on my presentations over the weekend, it means I'm a bit late with the reading round-up. Sorry for the delay!

The Fundraising Collective on Impossibly Monstrous Projects.

Barbara Talisman: Donors don't have to give anything.

Are you adding to your donor's 'experience CV'? asks Amanda.

Charlie on how to make your story stand out.

Stuart Glen joins the blogging scence and shares his thoughts on in-memory giving.

Tom Peters goes from outraged to open minded about the use of big data.

Copyblogger looks at the evolution of permission marketing.

Fututre Fundraising Now with nine ways to be an antil-donor fundraiser.

Veritus Group share 26 conversation tips.

Kivi wants to know if your nonprofit is ready to be super relevant?

Why screaming goats and random cats matter. Conor Byrne gives his opinion.

20 symptoms of fundraising trouble by Reinier at 101 Fundraisin.

This list of fundraising ideas that Change Fundraising will never do made me smile.

Paul shares some bits and bobs about mobile.

Charity Chicks reflect upon Once Upon I Wish I'd Thought Of That.

Do you know your failure rate asks the Agitators?

The best fundraising offer that Agents of Good never got.

Beth wants to know if you are a giver, taker, or matcher?

Karen Zapp: Ignoring Supporters. Donors and members retaliate.