Fundraising Reading Round-Up
July's Nonprofit Blog Carnival: A Guide to Monthly Giving

Fundraising Reading Round-Up

A couple of days later than usual, here is my latest round-up of articles worth reading. Enjoy.

Amanda dissects a thank you letter she received from Sightsavers.

The Fundraising Collective reflect on the 2013 IoF Convention.

Lucy finally quits supporting a charity after over a decade of support. It couldn't happen to your organisation could it?

 Kevin skips Twitter for a week. What did he learn?

 Agents of Good are donor focussed.

Future Fundraising Now share another stupid nonprofit ad.

Sean with a great way to destroy your individual giving fundraising.

Five questions determine if you can know a charity's effectiveness.

Nancy shares a lovely story about her 107 year old aunt and relationship building.

Karen gives us 13 quick tips on acquisition and retention.

Change Fundraising on when to refuse a donation.

The latest series of posts by the Veritus Group is on staff retention.

Seven steps to setting up a major gift solicitation meeting from the Fundraising Coach.

Seth on marketing magic beans.