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Welcoming Donors and Securing Second Gifts from the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Welcome to the July Nonprofit Blog Carnival. This month I've assembled the best articles and resources on welcoming your donors and securing that all important second gift.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed. I hope you enjoy reading the articles and pick up some tips that you can put into action to boost your donor retention.

General Tips and Advice

Erik Anderson (Donor Dreams Blog) took the time to ask his colleagues and friends 'What do you do to welcome donors to your cause to surprise and delight them?' He had a great response and there is a fab collection of practical tips and advice for you to plagiarise copy!

The Veritus Group blog explain why you can't thank fast enough. Although they are talking about major donors, I think their advice applies for everyone.

Ann Green wants you to welcome your new donors with open arms.

Do you have a matching gifts programme? Double the Donation share their tips on using matching gifts to improve retention.

Mark C. Titi on why inspiring faith in your nonprofit might be the key to securing the first and second gift.

Pamela Grow talks you through your new donor welcome kit to secure that second gift.

Farra Trompeter (Big Duck) with five approaches to keep your donors engaged.

The Fundraising Authority present four steps to get a second gift from new donors.

Case Studies

 K. Michael Johnson (Fearless Fundraising) outlines how one small college rolled out a simple loyalty program that led to incremental and sustainable gains in donor retention.

How should you welcome back donors who re-start their giving? The Donor Relations Guru shares a case study from Whitworth University on how they do it better than most. 

As always SOFII provides a treasure trove of case studies on welcoming donors.

The link between culture and retention

Joanne Fritz ( Nonprofit Charitable Orgs) looks at the characteristics of charismatic organisations and how applying the principles can boost your retention efforts.

Simone Joyaux writes at the Bloomerang blog on how to keep your donors and creating relationships that last.

Tony Martignetti (Nonprofit Radio) talks to Dan Blakemore and Maria Semple about donor retention.

Making use of the telephone

Pamela Grow shares one simple habit that reduces donor attrition by a third. If you're not calling your donors to welcome them, then why not?

Jason Dick (A Small Change) urge you to pick up the phone and learn from what your donors tell you.

The importance of data and measurement

Smart Annual Giving highlight the importance of data to your retention efforts. Have you got the processes and systems in place to support your war on attrition?

Karen Climer (Let's Raise Some Money) implores you to measure your retention so you can do something about it.

Don't know where to start? No worries. Orange Gebera explain how to measure donor retention with this step-by-step guide.

Stay tuned for the August Carnival Round-up

I’m passing the Nonprofit Blog Carnival baton to Kivi Leroux Miller over at the Nonprofit Marketing Guide, who will be hosting in August on the topic of awareness raising campaigns. It's a  great subject, so do get involved and take part.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival Updates

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Fundraising Reading Round-Up

Next week I'm hosting July's nonprofit blog carnival. The subject is 'welcoming donors and reducing attrition' and I've already had some great submissions. If you'd like to contribute then it's still not too late! Send me your experiences and i'll share with them with other readers.

In the meantime, here's what I've been reading recently:

 Angela Cluff from the Management Centre on how to build a fundraising strategy from scratch.

How to raise more money online tomorrow by Simon Scriver.

Bloomerang share the top ten qualities of a successful fundraiser.

The Donor Dreams Blog with fundraising advice from Dr Seuss.

The Fundraising Collective describe how to improve your charity communications in one step.

Adrian Salmon shares his 'power index' for fundrasing channels.

Liz Tait on a special profession and a special convention.

Pamela Grow encourages you to have a plan for your in-memoriam gifts.

Margaux Smith with a thoughtful post on female leadership in fundraising at 101 Fundraising.

Massive share the top 20 mass participation events by income in the UK.

Finally, the ever awesome Fundraiser Grrl on fundraising, Harry Potter style...

Fundraising reading round-up: IoF 'Proud to be a fundraiser' Convention special

It was the Institute of Fundraisng National Convention last week. Convention is always a highlight of the year for me - and last week was no different. 

I picked up a ton of great ideas and insight. Met friends old and new and debated about some of key things impacting on fundraising today.

It was a great three days and i'll be sharing some content and ideas in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here is a little post-convention reading!

The theme of the conference was 'Proud to be Fundraiser' and I'd highly recommend (where ever you are in the world) to download the new 'Proud to be a Fundraiser' toolkit and watch the opening plenary.

For more thoughts on convention check out:

Lisa Clavering blogged on all three days of convention.

Simon Scriver shares his thoughts.

Fundraising director Di Flatt shares why she is proud ot be a fundraiser.

Stephen George on why it's time fundraising became a movement.

Why Giles Pegram struggles to be proud to be a fundraiser.

Elsewhere in the world:

Resilience is one of the key characteristics I look for in fundraisers. Barbara Talisman shares some thoughts on rejection and resilience.

Cause 4 look at the link between income, happiness and giving.

Wild Woman Fundraising with six questions to help you get corporate sponsorship.

Fundraiser magazine with six steps charities can use to build relationships with corporate partners.

Donor Relations Guru shares some great donor communication examples.

Mark Phillips on in-memory giving and the 'sorry window'.

Bloomerang on how to keep your donors.

Future Fundraising Now on minding your metaphors.

There's been an interesting Twitter and online debate about the donor pyramid and it's demise. Fearless Fundraising cover the arguments.

Pamela Grow asks if your nonprofit passes the online fundraising test?

The Fundraising Collective describe making the ask and unlocking your prospects.

The Good Agency explain how your event can woo Millenials.