Fundraising reading round-up: IoF 'Proud to be a fundraiser' Convention special
Welcoming Donors and Securing Second Gifts from the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Fundraising Reading Round-Up

Next week I'm hosting July's nonprofit blog carnival. The subject is 'welcoming donors and reducing attrition' and I've already had some great submissions. If you'd like to contribute then it's still not too late! Send me your experiences and i'll share with them with other readers.

In the meantime, here's what I've been reading recently:

 Angela Cluff from the Management Centre on how to build a fundraising strategy from scratch.

How to raise more money online tomorrow by Simon Scriver.

Bloomerang share the top ten qualities of a successful fundraiser.

The Donor Dreams Blog with fundraising advice from Dr Seuss.

The Fundraising Collective describe how to improve your charity communications in one step.

Adrian Salmon shares his 'power index' for fundrasing channels.

Liz Tait on a special profession and a special convention.

Pamela Grow encourages you to have a plan for your in-memoriam gifts.

Margaux Smith with a thoughtful post on female leadership in fundraising at 101 Fundraising.

Massive share the top 20 mass participation events by income in the UK.

Finally, the ever awesome Fundraiser Grrl on fundraising, Harry Potter style...