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Fundraising Reading Round-Up

Fundraising Reading Round-Up

It's the middle of the summer holidays, so only a short round-up this week. There's still some gems that I hope you'll enjoy. Happy reading!

A top street fundraiser shares some of his secrets at Fundraiser Magazine. I hope we read more from frontline fundraisers rather than directors and agencies. Great to read James' everyday experiences.

The centenary of the start of the World War 1 inspired Tobin Aldrich to blog about some of the lessons we can learn.

Also, if you haven’t read it already, then Tony Charalambides has written two great posts on fundraising in Great War on 101 Fundraising.

Fraser Green explains why donor quotes are your chance to touch the heart!

Clairification shares a lovely letter case study from One Justice. The theme? Donors as heroes. 

Amanada Santer shares a great personalised mailing she received from ICAN.

Related to both these posts, is this article on 101 Fundraising about treating your donors like the stars they are.

Veritus Group with a reminder that major donor fundraising is hard.

Simone Joyaux at Bloomerange shares 54 essential questions about fund development.

A guest post at Fundraising Coach on donor acquistion - the painful necessity of fundraising.

John Lepp at Agents for Good shares a 45 min presentation on direct mail called 'Everything I learned about direct mail, I learned from my mother-in-law.'

Finally, another one from 101 Fundraising. 10 reasons to give your donor a call.