Fundraising Reading Round-Up
Fundraising reading round-up - with two shameless plugs!

Fundraising Reading Round-Up

A little bit later than usual, it's time for another fundraising reading round-up. Enjoy.

August's Nonprofit Blog Carnival is now live. This month the topic is raising awareness for your cause and is hosted by Kivi's Nonprofit Communications blog.

Donor Relations Guru shares a strategic donor relations plan.

The Hilborn blog with a reminder that it costs money to raise money.

Another mystery shopping test, another set of disappointing results. Bloomerang are the latest to discover the poor level of donor care in our profession.

Kivi Leroux Miller shares a great list of fundraising asks and offers.

Clairification with the six best ways to make storytelling part of your nonprofit culture.

The Penguin blob on why being selfish is doing good.

Joe Matassino on 101 Fundraising on building the confidence to make 'the ask'.

The Fundraiser magazine have a case study on how Terrence Higgins Trust revamped their gala dinners.

Pamela Grow takes another look in her mailbox and finds a lovely impact update.

The Fundraising Coach ask if you're ready for donors using Linked In?

The Veritus Group with the best thing your organisation could ever do.

David Meerman Scott shares a free e-book on real time customer service.