Fundraising Reading Round-Up
Fundraising Reading Round-Up

The right offer, at the right time...


On my recent Snowdon trek I was impressed to find these two guys at the summit collecting for the local mountain rescue. Most of the time you are lucky if more than 1 in 100 people put something in your bucket. Here the ratio was more like in 1 in 4.

It reminded me of the importance of making the right ask to people, at the right time. If these guys were collecting in the local supermarket, I would've probably walked by.

The fact I'd just cycled and walked 25k and suffered horrendous cramp meant I was in the right (emotional) frame of mind to give!

Do you have any examples of other charities making a great offer at an appropriate place?

One that sprung to mind was the Canal & River trust asking people to sign up for a regular gift when using a waterway or footpath.

Do share any others you have!