Fundraising Reading Round-Up
Fundraising Reading Round-Up

Fundraising reading round-up

January is nearly over and it's time for another reading round-up. Enjoy!

Complained about your marketing team recently? Think again says Kivi Leroux-Miller. 

Why donor experience matters. Paul de Gregorio shares a short, but powerful story about his mum and customer service.

Lots of great posts on 101 Fundraising. I particularly liked these two:

Lucy Caldicott urges fundraisers to remember the 'why' behind your cause.

Phone agency Pell & Bales shares five top tips to build great donor relationships.

Veritus Group ask what do you hear from your donors?

Pamela Grow shares why fundraisers should love Taylor Swift!

Clairification gives us her top 10 nonprofit leadership lessons for 2015.

Bloomerang urges nonprofits to be the fortune not the cookie.

Drayton Bird on the importance of measuring your results.