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August 2015

Fundraising Reading Round-Up

Summer holidays have delayed the publication of my latest round-up, so today's is a bumper edition. Happy reading! 

Lots of good blogs at 101 Fundraising

Two of my favourite fundraising writers share their thoughts on UK fundraising. Charlie Hulme asks who is going to save fundraising? And Giles Pegram wants to know what do we do now to reassure our donors?

Tim Kitchen from Copper (a digital comms agency) shared some thought on Giles' post and says 'stop doing dumb things to donors!'

We are Massive share their latest report on the UK's top 25 mass participation fundraising events is a must read for people in that field. Free registration required to download the report.

Pell & Bales have re-published their excellent series on donor loyalty and how good quality thank you calls can improve retention. Part one is here.

Lucy Caldicott reminds us in the Fundraiser magazine that donors are people too!

Linda Spencer argues that only a fundraiser should hire a fundraiser.

The Veritus Group's latest series is all about measuring major gifts performance.

(Fund)raising voices add some interesting analysis to my blog post on ROI and argue we have a collective action problem in fundraising.

Beth Kanter reflects on a decade of designing and facilitating interactive webinars.

Paul de Gregorio has a rant. Ignore all gurus. Read fewer fundraising blogs.

Wild Woman Fundraising gives a typically honest assessment of three appeal letters.

Pure, heart-wrenching emotion. Pamela Grow shares a moving video.

Janet Levine urges you to do it now!

Bloomerang describe how to master service recovery. 

Ann Green guides you on how to share accomplishments without bragging.

Clairification explains why you should stop scolding donors to make unrestricted gifts.

Jeff Brooks reviews Badass: Making Users Awesome and says fundraisers can learn a lot from the book. 

The Nonprofit Marketing blog takes a look at welcome packs and gives some useful tips. 

Re:Charity on the value of peer-to-peer fundraising.

Drayton Bird shares seven silly website mistakes that are killing your business.

Bernadette Jiwa on how all marketing should be.