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May Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Leadership in Fundraising

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Leadership in Fundraising

I’m delighted to be hosting May’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival.

With the presidential primaries well underway and the UK about to vote in the biggest referendum in a generation, leadership is a hot topic at the moment. I have been reading and thinking about the subject a lot recently and thought it would make for a great carnival topic. 

I strongly believe there is a leadership deficit in fundraising. The evidence of this? High staff turnover at nonprofits, a focus on short-term planning and results and a dearth of strategic thinking. Of course, there are brights spots and exceptions to this, but they are not as common as I would like!

So, for this month’s carnival I’d love to hear your stories and ideas about leadership:

  • Which leader do you most admire?

  • Who are the best, and worst, leaders you have worked for? What made them so good/bad?

  • What does leadership mean to you?

  • How can you be a leader in more junior roles?

  • How can fundraising solve its leadership crisis?

  • What are your ‘go-to’ leadership resources? For example, do you have a favourite book or Ted talk on the subject?

How To Submit Your Blog Post:

Submitting your posts to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival couldn't be easier. Just send both the URL of your post and a 2-3 sentence summary of your post to: [email protected] by Friday, May 27th to be considered! I'll be reviewing all submissions and choosing ones for inclusion in a "blog round up" post at the end of May.

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