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Should we make deliberate mistakes and trickery to get emails opened?

I’ve noticed a trend in email subject lines over the last 12-18 months. Many start with ‘Re:’ or ‘Fwd’ to try and get you to believe the e-mail is part of an on-going conversation or a personal communication.

I fell for this every time in the early days, but I’m becoming increasingly immune to the technique. I now tend to think less of any charity or company that overuses this in their subject lines. I don't like being tricked.

Similarly, I’ve seen one organisation (I’ll keep them anonymous for now, but a prize if anyone can guess!) who almost without fail send me a follow-up mail within 24 hours saying there was some sort of error or broken link in the original e-mail.

Again, this worked on a couple of occasions, but now I’m beginning to question the competence of those involved!

I remember blogging about making deliberate mistakes in direct mail in 2009. It now seems to be a popular e-mail tactic.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried these techniques? Did they boost response? Do you have any e-mail pet hates?

Of course, people using these techniques will argue they work and they may well boost open rates. However, like many direct marketing tactics, if they are overused then they can stop being effective. For me personally, that point is approaching.

The reason for asking these questions, is that on 5 March I’ll be speaking at Rob Woods’ Breakfast Club about e-mail marketing.

Over the last year I’ve been working with a number of charities on their email marketing and boosting their donations via email.

I’ve made some mistakes, but also had some fab successes that I’m really proud of. I’ll talk through six tips and techniques that don’t use trickery and that have helped me smash some targets.  

I’d love to see you there, but if you can’t make it then let me know and I’ll be happy to send you a copy of my presentation.

Breakfast Club Details

We start at 8.30am and will finish at 11am. The venue is at The Office Group, The Stanley Building, 7 Pancras Square, London. N1C 4AG. You can see a location map here.

As always, Breakfast Club will help you network with senior peers, solve common problems and learn powerful techniques that increase income.

Places are limited. The last eleven Breakfast Clubs have sold out. This one will too, so if you lead your fundraising function, click here so you don’t miss out.