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Fundraising Reading Round-Up

I'm delighted to announce that I'm launching the UK's first Individual Giving Mastery course. Working in partnership with Rob Woods from Bright Spot Fundraising, we'll be taking the winning formula from his major donor and corporate courses and applying it to individual giving.

This is the course I wish I'd done when I was first head of individual giving and it comes with a money-back guarantee.

The waiting list is now open and you can find out more on this information page.

If it's not suitable for you, then I'd be grateful if you could pass on the info on to any friends/colleagues/clients who you think might find it useful! Thank you.

It's been a busy time since the last round-up and there is some great reading for you to enjoy. This post is a week later than planned, so articles are roughly until the end of February.

One of the things the course will look at is targeting and segmenting. I'll definitely be quoting this article from Mark Ritson: Only crap marketers mistakes stereotypes for segments. HT to Charlie Hulme from Donor Voice.

This leads on to The Agitators recent series on a better way to segment: donor identities.

Chris Washington-Sare on the disparity between donor trust and consideration to give and how to strengthen it.

Rachel Happe writes in the Harvard Business Review about calculating the ROI of customer engagement.

What's changed in the fundraising environment since 1971? Mark Phillips has the answer and it is surprisingly little.

Beth Breeze shares three myths about fundraising that need exploding on UK Fundraising. I'm really looking forward to reading her new book that is mentioned at the end of the article.

Flight of the Fundraiser have a guest post from John Lepp on making room for the donor.

 The IoF's commitment to diversity initiative deserves all of our support. Read Amicky Carol Akiwumi and Ken Burnett's take on the subject. The Sceptical Fundraiser also shares her views on the diversity topic. Finally, Paul de Gregorio pointed me to this article on the courage of difficult women.

I found this list of 20 ways people lie at work fascinating. I recognised a couple of tendencies I have. Thanks to Wild Woman Fundraising for sharing.

I always love seeing direct mail packs and Jeff Brooks shares an interesting one from an organisation he hasn't donated to for over nine years!

Giles Pegrams questions who are the fundraisers in your charity?

The Donor Relations Guru lists their top five takeaways from their pulse of donor relations survey.

Pamela Grow asks what systems do you have in place for new donors?

John Baguley at IFC Group takes a look at the Oxfam crisis.

Bloomerang list their top 10 ways to say 'thank you!' to donors.

Fraser Green on the interesting tale of the two 'I's".

I love handwritten notes and the Osborne Group outline how to make them sincere and effective.

On a similar topic, the Veritus Group ask 'what does it mean to care for a donor?'

Finally on thanking, Kivi shares another great thank you video.

think Facebook Live has lots of potential for great stewardship. The Justgiving Blog share seven ways you can use it.

Finally, two of my favourite comedians have been busy fundraising with fun campaigns. My fellow Teessider Bob Mortimer has been selling off his cat names. And Richard Herring used International Women's Day to raise £150,000 for Refuge.