Why supporter experience starts with team culture (free webinar)

Keep your eye on the prize...

Gaping Void challenge and reward

Sometimes the slog becomes overwhelming for fundraisers. Meetings, negativity, bureaucracy and battling silos can be too much, even for the best of us.

That’s why last week’s webinar with Emily Petty had such a focus on reflection, growth well-being and re-energising. Missed it? Don’t worry – you can watch a recording here.

This week I’ll be talking to Lianne Howard-Dace who explains the process she used to help tackle the slog and internal battle to make changes to a historic fundraising campaign in decline.

The reward?

A breakthrough that resulted in a better supporter experience, improved internal working and, most importantly halted the decline in this multi-million pound campaign. 

So whatever project you’re working on, join us on Wednesday 31 July at 1.30pm when we’ll discuss:

·      Why ideas are the easy part (see Lianne's excellent preview post here)

·      How you need to use insight and implementation to put your ideas into practice

·      Three useful models to help you do this

·      A case study applying those models

·      Tools and takeaways that you can use immediately

You can sign up for free by clicking here now (and don't worry if you can't make it, still sign up and we'll send you a recording).

I do hope you'll join us!